90 kw Hydraulic Test Bench (90kw Pump Test Machine)

Electric Motor Driven Hydraulic Test Bench. Specifications, Electric Motor 37kw Details; Torque, Variable Shaft Speed and Fixed Shaft Speed. Rotation, ClockWise and Anti-ClockWise. Flow Rate, Nominal Setting. Pressure, Maximum Pressure, Peak Pressure, Nominal Pressure. Oil Reservoir Pressurized. Approx Starting at 250 Liter, 500 Liter, 1000 Liter. Compact Floor Footprint. Max 200 kg Pump flange Hanging weight.


Suitable for testing the following Hydraulic pumps * open loop systems * includes load sensing control * closed loop systems * setting of zero / neutral postitions Electronic Specifications; The control is achieved with a PLC. Comfort Touch Control Screen. Connect a PC, and transfer Testing Data Report. Load Sensing Controller Activation. Tank Oil Volume.


Flow Rate, Filter clogging indications. External Pressure Inputs. Motor control from control cabinet. Flow, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Efficiency Testing. Guarantee ; 24 month.

  • Easy to Use
  • Transfer Data to PC
  • Live Testing Recording
  • Oil Level and Temperature
  • Pressure, Speed Controller
  • Extras for Variable Pumps
  • Hydraulic Motor Testing
  • CW or CCW Direction of Rotation